Amazing scenery

Nearly a hundred breathtaking scenes

Clever thinking is required

Play more then 50 challenging IHOGs and Minigames

Make friends

Meet charming characters throughout your journey

Discover the lands of oblivion

Reveal the mystery of the Artifacts of the forgotten Kingdom

Enjoy your time

More than five hours of immersive gameplay

Leave behind reality

Enjoy the engaging music and great voice acting

The Secret Order – New Horizon


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The Secret Order – Masked Intent


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The Secret Order – Ancient Times


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This is a first!


For the first time, when I finished playing this game, I felt like I had just watched a good movie. I don’t know if it was the good cut-scenes or just the overall flow of the game and how much I liked the story, but it played like a good film to me.

A smart game with style


Simply put, do not miss this game. The graphics are artwork quality. The game itself is laid out logically. It has a good story line, and one that progresses smoothly.

Good Game


It’s a little different than usual and I think thats what I love about it. I like that it gives you plenty of room to figure things out and the graphics are pretty amazing.

Great story and graphics


This was a very interesting game. I loved the detail of the graphics as well as the game play. There were puzzles as well as hidden object scenes, which had some combine-items challenges as well.

Love this game!


I am not a fan of roaming around, but this game is fun and kept my attention. Just enough HO’s to keep me going. along with an interesting story line this is a keeper!